Pelosi’s Husband Charged With Drunk Driving

Pelosi's Husband Charged With Drunk Driving

Pelosi Publicly Humiliated After Husband Is Caught Red Handed In Unforgivable Crime

( – Drunk drivers kill an average of one person every 45 minutes in the United States, and judges don’t often go easy on offenders even when there are no casualties involved. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is certainly going to be in the spotlight after the recent news of her husband’s arrest. Paul Pelosi, at 82 years old, was caught drinking and driving after his involvement in a two-car collision.

Despite Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) being among the most wealthy members of Congress, with an estimated net worth of $114 million, according to Fox News, it’s unlikely that she wanted to spend $5000 for her husband’s freedom. Authorities were holding Mr. Pelosi pending his bail after they arrested him at 11:44 p.m., according to county records.

The California Highway Patrol stated that Pelosi, who was driving a 2021 Porsche, attempted to cross State Route 29 when another driver in a 2014 Jeep struck the luxury vehicle. According to Fox News, no one suffered any injuries. Mr. Pelosi is facing two misdemeanors, one for driving under the influence and another for driving with a blood-alcohol content higher than 0.08.

Not only did the House Speaker’s husband have to pay his bail to become a free man, but it’s likely he’ll spend thousands of dollars in legal fees, fines, and court costs, not to mention the expense of repairing or replacing his car. Fox News mentioned that an Uber or taxi would’ve likely cost him between $100-$350; if he’d elected to stay in a hotel, it would’ve likely set him back $150 for the night. Instead, Mr. Pelosi will be paying a massive sum on top of the $5,000 he’s already paid out.

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