Pence Blasts Ramaswamy Over Israel Remarks

( – Former Vice President and presidential candidate Mike Pence blasted fellow GOP candidate Vivek Ramaswamy on September 3 for delivering contradictory remarks about Israel. During an interview on Fox News’ show “Fox News Sunday,” Pence said that the conservative entrepreneur has always shown a “pattern” of contradicting himself when he talks about certain topics.

The former vice president made these comments against Ramaswamy in a moment when host Shannon Bream was asking about the primary debate and the way all candidates have criticized each other. Bream then showed Pence a video of Ramaswamy telling Fox News on September 1 that he fully supports Israel militarily. These comments came a couple of days after he said he would cut off military aid to the Jewish states and many other countries if he wins the 2024 presidential election.

In the video, the conservative entrepreneur said that it remains important for the United States to support Israel to prevent Iran from eventually developing a nuclear arsenal. He then said that while he would back Israel military, he doesn’t want the United States troops to die “in that conflict.” Ramaswamy also noted that he has asked Pence and other Republican candidates how many American soldiers they want to die in these armed conflicts around the world, but received no answer.

When asked about his thoughts on Ramaswamy’s words, Pence criticized his foreign policy stances on different international conflicts. The former vice president noted that the main ones were the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the China-Taiwan feud, and Israel’s security in the Middle East. He then said that even when he doesn’t have any “problem” with Ramaswamy, he believes that the conservative entrepreneur is “wrong” on foreign policy.

Pence also told Bream that Ramaswamy’s contradictions could confuse Republican voters. He explained that no one knows or understands how Ramaswamy can say that the United States should support Israel, but then claims the necessity of a limit to “our military involvement.”

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