Pence Blasts Trump for Not Tackling the Entitlement Reform Problem

( – Former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence laid out his economic perspective for the United States on Tuesday, swiping at Republican leader and former U.S. President Donald Trump for not tackling the entitlement reform issue. He also criticized other GOP presidential candidates for the same, as he keeps studying the chance of a 2024 presidential bid of his own.

The former Vice President made these comments in a think tank in Concord, New Hampshire, as part of a swing he’s making through the state and many analysts believe is a clear presidential move. In addition to explaining the main aspects of his economic policy platform, Pence focused on the issue of entitlement reform, which is the main area where he has distanced himself from other GOP leaders and candidates. On this issue, he has claimed that the United States needs some “commonsense” changes to Medicare and Social Security to prevent insolvency over the next few years.

In his prepared remarks, the former Vice President said that no one can keep ignoring this problem, adding that Trump and U.S. President Joe Biden’s policy “is insolvency.” He added this also can be said of every single presidential candidate that doesn’t want to comment about the need to save Social Security before it crashes.

In his budget plan unveiled earlier this year, President Biden wanted to pay for Medicaid by raising taxes on the richest corporations and U.S. citizens. Republicans have been pressed by Trump, a declared 2024 presidential candidate, to keep entitlement benefits unaffected during budget discussions.

Pence’s comments on entitlement reform were included in a larger address he gave on economic policy at the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy. In the speech, he spelled out five ways the incoming government may strengthen the American economy.

Moreover, the former Vice President said that the former president should respect the free market and cut government spending, pointing out that the United States should have a balanced federal budget.

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