Pence Decries Trump’s Indictment As Bad Message To World

( – Former US Vice President Mike Pence said that the federal indictment against former President Donald Trump sends a “terrible message” to the world. During a June 18 interview at NBC’s “Meet the Press”, Pence said this is quite negative as the United States is the justice’s “gold standard” in the world.

He also told host Chuck Todd that watching a former commander-in-chief being subject to an indictment by the Biden administration is “terrible.” Pence explained this may change political precedent. For example, President Joe Biden could face the same situation in the near future. He also pointed out this will tarnish the United States’ international image.

While he has said in previous interviews he respects and believes in the U.S. justice system, Pence said this indictment will only exacerbate the political polarization in the U.S. He explained that while he saw the charges against Trump as quite “serious”, he wished the DOJ found another way to approach the problem. 

When asked whether he would pardon Trump if elected President, the former vice president dodged the question. He told Todd that he fails to understand why other GOP presidential candidates are presuming that Trump will be found guilty. He added that the indictment against Trump reveals a “two-tiered” justice system, and asked why the former president wasn’t being treated the same as Democrats.

Pence has dodged the question of whether he would pardon Trump repeatedly since he announced his presidential bid. The last instance  took place during a heated interview on June 14 at “The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show”. Pence told the two hosts he wouldn’t commit to pardoning Trump and claimed that Americans needed to choose whether they believe in the justice system or not.

Mike Pence announced his run for the presidency on June 7; it’s the first time in modern history that a former vice president has challenged his former boss for the nation’s top office.

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