Pence May Be Called to Testify Against Trump

( – According to a CNN December 6 report, former Vice President Mike Pence could be called to testify against former President Donald Trump at Trump’s Georgia election subversion trial. The liberal network said that anonymous sources who are familiar with court records that are still under seal revealed that Pence was included on witness lists submitted by Fulton County prosecutors. The former commander-in-chief and presidential candidate faces 13 charges related to his alleged attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Following CNN’s bombshell report, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution also said it had learned that the lists not only include Pence but also former US Attorney General William Barr. The lists also included other former Trump administration officials such as justice department leaders Richard Donoghue and Jeffrey Rosen, as well as former White House strategist Steve Bannon. Also, other Republican leaders such as Pennsylvania Republican Representative Scott Perry and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp will also be called to testify against Trump.

In August, CNN quoted some remarks made by the former vice president to the National Conference of State Legislatures, following Trump’s indictment in Georgia and before he decided to suspend his presidential campaign. As reported by the liberal network, Pence said that despite what Trump and some of his allies have said over the last two years and a half, the Georgia election wasn’t “stolen.” He also said he had no right to overturn the electoral result on January 6 and added that no politician in the United States is “above the law.”

As suggested by The Guardian, the former vice president allegedly considered abandoning his constitutional role on January 6, 2021. The British newspaper pointed out that Pence was thinking about withdrawing from the certification process of the electoral college so he wouldn’t “hurt” Trump, whom he considered his “friend” back then. However, Pence eventually followed legal advice and decided to fulfill his duty as vice president, when many Trump supporters were rioting in the Capitol.

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