Pence Welcomes GOP Efforts to Challenge Electoral College Votes

Pence 'Welcomes' GOP Efforts to Challenge Electoral College Votes

( – Just days before Congress meets to certify states’ Electoral College votes, Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff announced the second-in-command “shares the concerns…about voter fraud and irregularities” during this past election. This is Pence’s most supportive statement of President Donald Trump’s legal proceedings thus far.

On Saturday, January 2, Marc Short, in a statement to The Hill, said Pence “welcomes” lawmakers who “raise objections and bring forward evidence before the Congress” about voter fraud this past November.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is one of the Senators Pence supports. Cruz shared how he’s standing up for the American people and our Constitution with Fox News:

While Pence hasn’t directly made any statements about election fraud or rigged votes, he’s insisted that all “legal votes” be counted. But, this new statement from his chief of staff shows he truly does support President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign and desires our lawmakers to rally for both equality and justice on January 6.

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