Pentagon Chief Reveals America’s Next BIG Move Against China

Pentagon Chief Reveals America's Next BIG Move Against China

( – The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has been one of the United States’ biggest adversaries in the modern age. Lloyd Austin, the US Secretary of Defense, recently asserted America was facing a “decisive decade,” quoting President Biden. The Defense Secretary also mentioned how far China has come and what must be done to ensure US values live on.

Austin’s comments came during his speech at the Reagan National Defense Forum on December 3. The defense secretary declared the best path forward in dealing with China lay in America’s deterrence capabilities. The Pentagon chief noted, “This is no time to hold back on our resources or our resolve,” adding that the task would require everyone, including Congress and industries, to work together.

The next few years will determine, according to Austin, whether future generations will inherit a free world or suffer under autocracies that use fear and force to control people. The defense secretary also mentioned the upcoming years will also set the tone for America’s competition against the PRC.

Austin asserted that in the fight between preserving democracy and imperial aggression, the US will always pick the side looking to defend freedom. He declared that the United States would use all its might to defend democracy and shape history to favor liberty, relying on “American innovation and American industry” to get itself there.

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