Pentagon Decides Flag Fate

Pentagon Decides Flag Fate

( – Every country has a flag to symbolize their patriotism and commitment to its heritage. These symbols also tell stories of each nation’s history. Sadly, there’s a movement working against the remembrance of America’s, which has made its way into government policy.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper released a new policy on Friday, July 17 limiting the types of flags that can be displayed on Department of Defense (DOD) property.

The memorandum includes the list which contains the US state and territory, POW/MIA, military service, and ceremonial flags, among others. Left off this list: the Confederate flag.

Esper also writes this policy change will help the DOD foster “mutual respect, responsibility, and accountability” throughout their service members and employees.

This new policy applies to all DOD:

  • Office buildings and facilities
  • Vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • Barracks
  • Schoolhouses
  • Naval vessels
  • Outdoor space, including parking lots and yards

This policy does not prohibit the display of unauthorized flags at graves, monuments, educational displays, or other places that it “cannot reasonably be viewed as endorsement…”

While this move by the Pentagon is a restriction on free speech within the armed forces, it still allows for the educational and historic displays of all flags.

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