Pentagon Main Leaders Say Default Would Endanger American Troops’ Payment

( – The two main officials of the US Pentagon warned lawmakers on Thursday that if the United States defaults on its debt, this would benefit the Chinese regime and could jeopardize the payment of American troops in serious danger. These comments came a week after US Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said that Russia and China will capitalize on a hypothetical US debt default.

During a hearing at the Senate Appropriations defense subcommittee, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin emphasized that the United States’ reputation in the world would be at a “substantial risk” if it busts the debt ceiling. He also said that failing to pay the debt will severely affect “the livelihood of our troops” and every US civilian.

Austin added this will put into question several programs and operations the United States is currently conducting with its international partners, and make it impossible for the country to “pay people like we should.” Finally, Austin said this will make the United States weaker and vulnerable as it would enter into a delicate situation “that China and everybody else can exploit,” and the Pentagon will be unable to guarantee that those who are part of the US military can receive their payments on time.

Speaking alongside Austin, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Gen. Mark Milley explained that the Chinese regime is already describing the United States as a world power in decline. He pointed out that if the country fails to pay its debt, it will “reinforce that thought” and would embolden Beijing and other geopolitical foes.

Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and his GOP colleagues have been insisting that lifting the debt ceiling requires expenditure cuts, which has put the Biden administration in a political bind over the issue. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen already warned that the United States could default on its debt on June 1st, which experts considered good news as it provides McCarthy and President Joe Biden enough time to negotiate a deal.

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