Pentagon Official Allegedly Part of Dogfighting Ring

( – Deputy Chief Information Officer of the Secretary of Defense’s Chief Information Officer, Frederick Moorefield, was arrested on September 28 on charges of furthering and promoting a dog fighting ring. According to the US Department of Justice, investigators found five pit bull dogs at his home, and numerous electrical jumper cables which are used to execute these animals.

As reported by The Washington Post, authorities also found other five pit bull dogs at his friend Mario Flythe’s home. The liberal newspaper pointed out that the Department of Agriculture and the FBI raided both houses on September 6 and found heavy chains and weighted collars, which are used to enhance a dog’s aggressiveness during a fight. Court records revealed that authorities also found a device that is used to impregnate female dogs.

The Post noted that an affidavit written by FBI Special Agent Ryan Daly showed that the FBI had allegedly been investigating this dog-fighting ring called “DMV Board” for years. Daly’s report pointed out that the deputy chief information officer has allegedly been involved in this illegal venture for more than 20 years. He also revealed in his affidavit that authorities found two dead dogs in a plastic dog food bag near Moorefield’s home back in 2018.

As reported by the newspaper, the FB special agent allegedly spoke with Flythe and Moorefield on the day of the raids. Daly said both of them revealed the names of their operating bases. Flythe reported called his operation “Razor Sharp Kennels,” and Moorefield named his “Geehad Kennels.”

A Pentagon spokesperson told the Washington Post that the US Department of Defense was aware of the situation, but couldn’t confirm the exact date since the agency knew what Flythe and Moorefield were doing. Lieutenant Commander Tim Gorman said in a statement that while the Department of Defense can “confirm” that Moorefield has already been dismissed from the agency, he can’t make comment further on someone’s “personal matter.”

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