Pentagon Press Sec Says Biden Provided Weapons to Ukraine Before The Invasion

Pentagon Press Sec Says Biden Provided Weapons to Ukraine Before The Invasion

Biden Caught Sending Weapons To Ukraine BEFORE The Invasion

( – Russia and Ukraine have been at war since February 24. According to the Pentagon, the Biden administration started sending weapons and aid to Ukraine before Russia launched its assault. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby explains how the United States was ahead of the curve.

Kirby joined Neil Cavuto on “Your World,” where the Fox News host talked to the press secretary about the aid. The Pentagon spokesman mentioned that US intelligence isn’t perfect, and it never has been. Kirby explained that finding good information is often like constructing a mosaic and that they do their best to put the pieces together. The press secretary added that sometimes they’re closer to the mark than others.

Kirby said with Ukraine, the US was trying to warn the world as to what Russia was planning. He noted that hardly anyone listened before asserting that US intelligence was right.

During the same interview, Kirby commented the Biden administration was sending weapons to Ukraine long before Russia set a foot on Ukrainian soil. He explained the first billion dollars Biden sent included lethal assistance. Kirby also talked about the past eight years, during which US, Britain, Canada, and other allies helped train Ukrainian forces, namely in command and control, operational maneuvers, and small unit leadership.

Whether Kirby’s claims are true remains to be seen. Did the United States foresee a Russian threat and supplement aid to Ukraine? Or are some officials simply trying to make the Biden administration look good ahead of the midterms?

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