Pentagon Report Discovers Hundreds of Cyber Vulnerabilities Amongst Contractors

Pentagon Report Discovers Hundreds of Cyber Vulnerabilities Amongst Contractors


Pentagon Tests Cyber Warfare Readiness – The Results Are Shocking

( – The US Department of Defense (DoD) is in charge of America’s military and national security. Being in such a position means it has to constantly find ways to improve the country’s security and, in doing so, must test the nation’s defense capabilities. Recently the Pentagon conducted cyber tests with many of its contractors. The program found hundreds of vulnerabilities.

A coordinated effort between the Cyber Crime Center and the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency, the Defense Industrial Base-Vulnerability Disclosure Program, discovered hundreds of vulnerabilities among DoD contractors. HackerOne, a bug bounty team, joined cybersecurity researchers to help root out any problems.

The test began in April 2021, including only 14 voluntary companies with 141 assets to evaluate. In all, 41 companies signed up, totaling around 350 assets. The DoD didn’t release a list of which contractors were involved in the pilot program, but it did release its results on May 2. Of course, the number of assets the program tested is only a fraction of the DoD’s massive number of 200,000 contractors, leading to the frightening question of just how many vulnerabilities there are.

This disclosure program utilizes specialists with one goal: to find weaknesses and flag them for improvement. The Cyber Crime Center claims this practice both promotes dynamic cyber management and improves the defense network. So, while the number of vulnerabilities is concerning, in the end, the problem will only make the DoD more secure.

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