Pentagon Says Frostbite Is Hitting Soldiers in Ukraine

Pentagon Says Frostbite Is Hitting Soldiers in Ukraine

( – As Russia continues its assault on Ukraine, it appears the Kremlin underestimated the much smaller country, or perhaps Russian leaders overestimated their own abilities. Whatever the case, morale seems to be an increasing issue for the opposing forces. The frostbite the Pentagon alleges is impacting Russian soldiers will likely only make matters worse.

An official from the Pentagon disclosed to reporters that the frostbite was a result of inadequate gear, and it was hampering the Russian forces’ ability to fight. In some cases, the cold stopped them altogether. Russian troops are apparently facing colder conditions in Ukraine than they had expected, with some temperatures falling well below freezing.

According to Newsweek, the Pentagon said Russian troops are low on morale due to logistic challenges and food and ammunition shortages. Of course, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov claims this is a Western media fabrication, assuring that everything is going “according to plan.” He insists a special mission is at hand and progressing smoothly.

That doesn’t seem to be the case as Russia’s fighting force has seemingly stalled on all fronts. Reports even show Ukrainian forces are going on the offensive to take back lost territories.

The Pentagon estimates the Russian death toll to be around 6,000-7,000, though Moscow has only admitted to the deaths of 500 troops. With inadequate cold-weather equipment — unless troops can get the necessary supplies, or the weather begins to warm up — it may only be a matter of time before Russia is forced to abandon its military action in Ukraine.

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