Pet Medication For Cat Illness Coming to the United States

( – A new medication to treat a deadly cat disease is coming to the United States, and pet owners are ecstatic.

Bova, a veterinary pharmaceuticals company based in the United Kingdom and Australia, began selling the drug, named GS-441524, which is used to treat feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). However, the drug has not been available for sale in the United States yet.

A statement from Stokes Pharmacy says that it “has formed an exclusive partnership with the Bova Group to offer a U.S.-made compounded oral treatment for feline infectious peritonitis.” It continued, “This treatment is supported by Bova’s unique drug formula, which has been used in clinical research studies across the globe and is currently in use in the U.K. and Australia.”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration stated that there were certain conditions “where the agency does not intend to take enforcement actions for compounded products for use in animals.” But they did say that the drugs are still not FDA-approved.

According to Cornell University’s Feline Health Center, “FIP is a viral disease of cats caused by certain strains of a virus called the feline coronavirus.” It stated that once a cat develops FIP, it’s usually progressive and almost always ends fatally.

United States cat owners have had to turn to the black market to obtain medication not available in the U.S. to help their cats.

FIP Warriors, a group that helps to connect cat owners with medications that are needed for their cats, has spoken out saying they are optimistic at the news of the drug approval.

“We have very little factual information at this time and eagerly await more details from Bova and Stokes to become available. We are in direct contact with Bova and will be sharing all updates we receive with the entire FIP Warriors community,” they said.

They continued, “Our sincere hope is that a safe, affordable and easily accessible medication option will help treat and cure as many FIP cats as possible and that this is a positive first step toward that goal.”

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