Pete Buttigieg Explodes After GOP Controlled Senate Possibility Releveled

Pete Buttigieg Explodes After GOP Controlled Senate Possibility Releveled

( – As Election Day dawned, Republicans held 53 Senate seats, but had to defend 23 of them. Democrats only had 12 to defend. As results from these races trickle in, they show the GOP may keep its majority. This clearly upset Pete Buttigieg, former mayor of South Bend, IN, and transition team member of projected president-elect Joe Biden.

On Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Buttigieg expressed his dislike for the current government set-up because, if the GOP holds the Senate, they could have a “minority rule” and block major bills put forth from the White House.

Rather than the Senate providing a necessary balance to the government, Buttigieg worried about how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) would use his power. Specifically, if he blocked bills on COVID-19 relief and public healthcare, he would be choosing “to defy the American people” and would be “standing in the way of what America wants.”

Buttigieg shared his party’s “mandate” to bring change on Twitter:

While Buttigieg says he wants Americans to prosper, he believes that shaming a potential Republican majority in Congress is the way to get things done. He may dislike it, but it is times like these Americans can be thankful for the three branches of government and the checks and balances they provide.

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