Petition to Change NFL Team Name Gathers Support from 100,000 Individuals

( – According to a Newsweek August 15 report, a Native American group’s petition to change the name of the NFL team Washington Commanders has gained massive support online. A petition from Native American Guardian’s Association (NAGA), which started on June 21, has already surpassed 100,000 signatures.

The nonprofit organization wants the restoration of the team’s original name, which was “Washington Redskins.” NAGA claimed in the petition this was a significant step that will benefit not only the NFL team but also the “legacy” that the original name represents and the “loyal fan base.”

Over the last few years, the franchise’s original name has been criticized by liberal and left-wing groups, which have claimed that it discriminates against Native Americans. However, the franchise’s decision to change the name to the Washington Commanders also received massive criticism not only from NFL fans but also from some Native American groups like NAGA.

In the petition, the group said that the name “Redskins” has a deep cultural, emotional, and historical significance that honors the “bravery” and “warrior spirit” that has always been associated with the Native American culture. NAGA also noted that the franchise’s initial decision to name the NFL team that way was never intended as an “offensive term” but as a symbol of admiration and “respect.”

The Native American group also noted that the decision to change the team’s name in such an abrupt manner disregarded the Redskins name’s “positive legacy.”

Aside from the name’s controversy, the franchise has recently entered into a new sporting period after the exit of longtime owner Dan Snyder, who bought the NFL team for $800 million in 1999. The team conquered numerous achievements during his era, delivering some historic moments in the NFL.

Snyder sold the team in July 2023 to businessman Josh Harris for $6 billion, representing the highest price that has ever been paid for an NFL team. Experts believe it will be difficult for Harris to deliver the same success as Snyder.

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