Petitioners Ask President Biden NOT to Pack the Supreme Court

Petitioners Ask President Biden NOT to Pack the Supreme Court

( – In early April of 2021, President Joe Biden created a “bipartisan” commission tasked with studying the potential outcome of adding seats to the Supreme Court and setting term limits for justices. News of the 180-day effort immediately triggered concern from citizens. The First Liberty Institute (FLI) recently stepped up to represent them, sending a strong message to the Biden administration.

FLI Steps Up to Protect America’s Supreme Court

On October 4th, FLI submitted a plaintive comment letter signed by 402,537 Americans to the president’s supreme court research commission. The list of names included several prominent individuals, such as former Attorney General of the United States Edwin Meese III.

This letter urged the commission and the president not to add more seats to the Supreme Court or limit their jurisdiction. FLI cited previous refusals to expand the number of justices from the 1937 Senate Judiciary Committee, among other examples. The letter’s main argument claims that packing the court would equate to politically weaponizing the judiciary system and removing Constitutionally-provided autonomy.

DNC Justice Speaks Out

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, a Democrat, warned about the risks of court-packing back in mid-September. In an exclusive interview with NPR, he pointed out the age-old saying: “what goes around comes around.”

Breyer was referring to the fact that court-packing is a slippery slope. Once either political party adds seats to the Supreme Court, it becomes simpler for the opposing party to take the same action.

The 83-year-old senior Justice gave examples, both past, and present, of why the courts work as they currently exist. He claimed that even when people disagree with the court’s decision, they still accept it.

Breyer also cited an excerpt from Harry Reid’s book “The Authority of the Court and the Peril of Politics.” It discusses Bush v. Gore ruling. Even though many people disagreed with the verdict, they didn’t begin rioting or destroying property over it.

With the 180-day research time now past, Biden and his administration have a decision to make. Will they make radical changes to the Supreme Court, or will the Judicial system remain unchanged? If the president chooses the wrong path, Americans may lose faith in yet another branch of government.

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