Pfizer’s Effectiveness Against Omicron Less Than Stellar According to New Study

Pfizer's Effectiveness Against Omicron Less Than Stellar According to New Study

New Study Casts Serious Doubt On COVID Vaccines

( – COVID-19 hit the world hard and threw countries into a frenzy to develop effective means of protection against the virus. As the vaccines rolled out from companies like Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna, and even Johnson & Johnson, COVID-19 variants were emerging, namely Delta and, most recently, Omicron. Researchers have found the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine is below par in protecting people from Omicron.

On May 13, a Danish study examined 128 people, all of whom had received two or three doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, and published it on JAMA Network Open. The study found the vaccine’s effectiveness quickly diminished against the Omicron variant. According to researchers, the Pfizer vaccine might begin losing effectiveness as soon as three weeks after the injection of a second or third dose.

Researchers studying the vaccine’s effectiveness asserted that despite the drop in efficacy, the Pfizer dose still greatly reduced the number of Omicron patients going to the hospital. Researchers discovered the amount of neutralizing antibodies in the vaccine reduced exponentially within the weeks following the second or third dose. A low number of antibodies means a lower rate of effectiveness, resulting in people still getting sick.

Scientists claim people may need to receive more booster shots to protect themselves from the Omicron variant. They mentioned that boosters are especially important for older people.

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