Piers Morgan’s “Uncanceled” Show Sours After Trump Interview Flops

Piers Morgan's

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Piers Morgan, now a figure of controversy himself, has a new show coming out called “Piers Morgan Uncanceled.” As the name suggests the show is to be a platform to uncancel victims of cancel culture. Of course Morgan would interview one man cancel culture has gunned for repeatedly but unsuccessfully from day one: Donald Trump. The former president sat down with Morgan, but the interview didn’t go as planned.

The interview seemed to go well at first, especially considering the exchange the two had beforehand, as Morgan detailed in a New York Post piece. Then, the former CNN host asked Trump about the 2020 election, asserting he’d lost fair and square.

Trump’s mood quickly changed after Morgan pressed him about his claims of election fraud. The former president stood up, demanded the cameras be shut off, and walked out of the interview. In his op-ed, Morgan highlighted an email he sent to the president explaining how he wasn’t going to avoid certain questions to prevent annoying Trump, though he admitted the former president had every right to be annoyed.

For Morgan, this interview could be a smashing success when it airs for the first showing of his new show on April 25. On the other hand, it could be the complete opposite. Morgan admitted he hopes the interview hasn’t ruined his friendship with Trump, claiming the 45th president is one of the most interesting people in the world. The interview’s effects could go either way for Trump as well, and Democrats may use the 2020 election controversy as a means to get under his skin should he decide to run for president again.

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