Plane Brought Down by “Murder-Suicide Plot” According to Experts

Plane Brought Down by

( – One of the biggest aviation mysteries in the world, the disappearance of Flight MH370, may finally be concluding after nearly a decade of questions. Experts believe the plane’s disappearance in 2014 might have resulted from a murder-suicide plot. But who intentionally brought down the plane?

Two top air crash investigators have both come to the conclusion that someone intentionally crashed Flight MH370 in a murder-suicide plot. A retired pilot and top aviation safety investigator, John Cox, appeared on the Sky News documentary “MH370: The Final Search,” in which he declared the crash wasn’t accidental.

Cox insisted that the crash’s evidence didn’t fit right with some of the theories surrounding the mysterious incident. Another aviation crash investigator, Canadian native Larry Vance, asserted the events taking place before the crash were simple. Vance details what happened in his book “MH370: Mystery Solved,” indicating someone intentionally crashed the plane.

Cox mentioned that the plane’s flight data and satellite imagery show a twisting flight path, which he indicated only a professional pilot could’ve accomplished, leading him to believe it was either the co-pilot or the pilot who crashed the plane. However, Cox added he didn’t think it was the co-pilot, First Officer Fariq Abdul Hamid, insisting that only the pilot, Captain Zaharie Shah, had the knowledge necessary to disable the plane’s datalink system.

Flight MH370, a Malaysia Airlines flight, went down over the Indian Ocean in 2014, taking 239 passengers with it. An international effort to find the missing plane ended without any recovery of the main capsule. Until investigators can find that compartment and recover the plane’s black box, this mystery will likely remain unsolved.

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