Plane Crashes, and All SURVIVE!

Plane Crashes, and All SURVIVE!

( – On their way to an Astros game in Boston on Tuesday, October 19, a group of 21 Texans experienced a “touch-down” unlike any they’d known before. The 18 passengers and three crew members aboard an MD-87 airplane miraculously walked away after surviving a crash landing right outside Houston Executive Airport.

The FAA and National Transportation Safety Board currently have an ongoing investigation to find the cause of the crash. So far, the FAA has revealed that the plane rolled through a fence shortly after takeoff and promptly caught fire. An investigator commented to Fox 26 that they don’t suspect foul play.

Cheryl McCaskill, one of the passengers, elaborated on the events during and directly after the crash. She recalled the terrifying moments as the plane came to a stop and staff directed her to the inflatable slide. She even lost her shoes during the event.

Despite popular opinion, modern-day airplane crashes are highly survivable. Tom Ferrier, a fellow of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators, crunched the numbers and found in 2016, out of all recorded accidents associated with aviation vehicles, only 15% resulted in 1 or more fatalities. Ferrier credited advancements in US Federal Aviation Administration requirements for the improved record.

Thank you, modern safety technology!

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