Police Attacked by Mother of Islamic Extremist

Police Attacked by Mother of Islamic Extremist

Authorities Suffer BRUTAL Attack From Radical Extremist – Guess Who?

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Austrian authorities have made rooting out Islamic terrorism a top priority since an attack in 2020, which left four people dead and nearly two dozen injured. Elite law enforcement agents in the country recently conducted a related sting operation, and two officers sustained injuries in the effort. The assailant was reportedly an enraged mother.

On July 30, members of the Cobra anti-terrorism unit were investigating a tip from foreign intelligence that alleged a Turkish man threatened to decapitate police. The task force traveled to the town of Sellrain and surrounded the 18-year-old, who was with his mom in a vehicle. The woman apparently did not want her child to be taken into custody, so she used the car as a weapon and tried to run over authorities.

Reports indicate two of the agents suffered injuries, one of them critically. Kronen Zeitung reported that law enforcement was able to overpower the mother and son duo, taking them into custody. Interior Minister Gerhard Karner spoke about the incident later, saying federal authorities were monitoring the situation. He went on to wish the task force members quick recoveries.

In June, police stopped another terrorist plot by unmasking a sleeper cell. Details were limited, but at the time, officials told reporters the investigation was ongoing.

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