Police Find Body of Tortured 3-year-old Boy in Mother’s Freezer

Police Find Body of Tortured 3-year-old Boy in Mother's Freezer

Police Make GRISLY Discovery In Freezer Of Detroit Mother

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The death of a child is always tragic, but to have the mother conceal the demise of her own child is outright disturbing. Police discovered the body of a 3-year-old boy stuffed in his mother’s freezer. Authorities have charged her with the torture and murder of the child.

Reports show that police discovered the body after conducting a welfare check. The mother, 31-year-old Azuradee France, initially attempted to send authorities on their way, but one officer’s instinct told them something wasn’t right. According to James White, Chief of the Detroit Police Department, the officer noticed the 31-year-old was communicating with them awkwardly, leading to the feeling that something was off.

Upon entering the home, police discovered several children, whom emergency services took to the hospital for health checks. Officers ended up finding the body of 3-year-old Chase in the freezer. Authorities arraigned France on June 26, charging her with torture, murder, and concealing an individual’s death. A judge is holding her without bail.

Relatives of the boy and his murderous mother claimed Chase was blind and that Child Protective Services came out around a dozen times a year. The relatives mentioned how they begged her to let them take the boy, noticing she couldn’t handle taking care of him. If only the mother had listened, her life and her son’s life might be very different from what they are today.

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