Police Find Thousands of Stolen Amazon Packages in a Home “Bursting” at the Seams

Police Find Thousands of Stolen Amazon Packages in a Home

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The holiday season is a hectic time of year for carriers and retailers alike. The season also sees a spike in package thefts, leaving some people without their gifts in time for Christmas. A recent discovery led police to a party that may be responsible for at least a few missing Christmas presents.

Authorities in Luther, OK, received an anonymous tip regarding many items someone dumped near an intersection. As the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) and Luther Police Department arrived, they discovered around 600 pieces of discarded packaging in trash bags and scattered on the ground.

Authorities stated that they found an envelope in one of the bags with an address. According to Sheriff Tommie Johnson III, they found something even more significant when police went to the residence.

Inside the home, police discovered thousands of unopened packages spread across every room. According to Captain Robert Tye of the OCSO, some items were still on pallets and wrapped. The sheriff’s office made three arrests in connection to the massive package theft ring: two drivers, Cesar Yasnier Cerqueira Rojas and Maikel Perez Laurencio, and Dinneris Matos Delgado, the owner of the truck used in the theft.

The three alleged thieves face 15 felony counts for embezzlement and possessing stolen property. In addition, Delgado received another charge for possession of a controlled substance after police found methamphetamine in her items.

Many of the packages were addressed to southern Oklahoma, but some were meant for Texas and Kansas. Authorities indicated the three likely must have stolen the boxes from the Amazon distribution center in Oklahoma City by taking them to their residency instead of the designated location. It’s difficult to say how long the trio has been stealing packages, but Tye believes it’s been at least a year-long operation.

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