Police Fleeing To This Safe Haven State

TN Gives Police Officer Fleeing From Democrat States a Warm Welcome

TN Gives Police Officer Fleeing From Democrat States a Warm Welcome

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Following George Floyd’s death while in police custody in 2020, the nation quickly fell into chaos. Many Democratic leaders refused to enforce laws and threatened to defund the police. Police officers started fleeing certain states as residents became increasingly hostile toward men and women in law enforcement. The Volunteer State is offering these people a warm welcome as part of the governor’s new initiative.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee (R) recently released a recruitment video for the state’s highway patrol in which he mentioned his appreciation for law enforcement. The video marked the renewal of Tennessee welcoming officers from other states and came roughly a year after the Republican leader launched a campaign to recruit officers to relocate.

One of the officers Lee talked with in the video was Da’Juan Clark from New Mexico. Clark mentioned Tennessee excelled in what it means to be supportive of law enforcement and set a new standard. The other officer, Louis Celaya, who served on the California Highway Patrol for 11 years, said the love police have for their families and wanting a safe and secure future were major reasons why he ended up moving to Tennessee.

The governor is offering officers some of the most competitive benefits in the country, a self-issued vehicle, and complimentary uniforms and equipment. Clark mentioned he has more uniforms than he knows what to do with and so many hats, and he can’t use them all. More importantly, the Volunteer State wants to give law enforcement personnel a safe place to raise their children and grow their families.

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