Police Stabbing Leads to Fatal Shooting

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(AmericanProsperity.com) – According to an August 20 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) press release, a police officer shot and killed a suspect who was allegedly stabbing another police officer that same day in the morning hours. The press release pointed out this incident took place at a residence in North Carolina.

In a video statement, CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings said that officers were responding to a domestic violence call for service when they suddenly heard shots fired inside the residence where the call was made. He explained that police officers forced their way in as soon as they heard the shots. After that, Jennings said a struggle ensued as the police officers tried to take the residence’s combative suspect into custody, and he managed to grab a knife with which he stabbed one of the cops in the neck.

Following the attack, the CMPD Chief said that a backup officer fired a round against the suspect after perceiving him to represent an “imminent deadly threat.” He then noted that a female victim who received a gunshot wound and the injured police officer was immediately taken to a hospital. However, Jennings said that the injuries they both received were “non-life-threatening.”

The press release detailed that the officers recovered multiple weapons inside the residence. It also said that this case represented an “unfortunate situation,” and pointed out that one of the most dangerous cases that a police officer can face is a domestic violence call for service.

According to different reports, the CMPD is currently investigating the incident along with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. The press release said that the backup officer was placed on paid administrative suspension while awaiting the outcome of an independent inquiry conducted by the department’s Internal Affairs Bureau, following standard protocol.

In the video statement, Jennings congratulated the police officers and said they “did their job.” He also said he didn’t want to “discount” that a person lost his life in the incident.

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