Poll Shows Most Countries Think US Is Force For Good

(AmericanProsperity.com) – According to a recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center and published on June 27, most people in 23 different nations have a positive view of the US. The poll found that 59 percent of people surveyed globally feel that America is a force for good, with only 30 percent thinking the opposite. Similarly, 54 percent of the people surveyed said they feel confidence in US President Joe Biden, compared to 39 percent who said they don’t trust his administration.

As reported by the Pew Research Center, support for the US reached its strongest numbers in Nigeria, Japan, South Korea, Kenya, Israel, and Poland. Researchers explained that the country with the biggest increase in its support for the US was Poland, mainly because of Washington’s stance in the Ukraine-Russia war.

On the other hand, Hungary was the only country surveyed by the Pew Research Center that didn’t have a majority-favorable view of America. Researchers explained that, just like what happened with Poland, the reason behind this result was the Biden administration’s stance on the invasion.

The survey pointed out that the poll was made this spring to nearly 30,000 persons. It also explained that every single nation surveyed was an American international ally.

Researchers detailed that previous studies showed there was confidence and trust in the US president’s leadership during the Trump administration. However, Brazil and many other nations with middle-income economies felt quite differently. This year, President Biden’s approval rating in those nations is 44 percent, which represents a notable increase from former President Donald Trump’s rating of 29 percent in 2019.

The sentiment among Mexicans is similar, where the level of confidence in the US president has recovered and has reached levels comparable to those of the Obama administration—43 percent. Researchers said this represents a major increase from the nearly nonexistent support shown in this country during the Trump administration.

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