Pompeo on 2025 China War Threat: Military Must Be Ready

Pompeo on 2025 China War Threat: Military Must Be Ready

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Air Force General Mike Minihan, who serves as head of Air Mobility Command, recently sent a memo telling his officers to stand ready for the possibility of war with China by 2025. Upon hearing about the memo, former CIA director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo echoed the warning during an exclusive January 28 interview on “Breitbart News Saturday.”

Pompeo explained during the Breitbart interview that he’s glad tensions between the United States and China are coming to a head. He feels the two nations have “been at war,” if even on an economic level, “for 40 years.” Meanwhile, the American government has simply allowed the rival nation to build its economy at the US people’s expense. The former Trump administration member added he hoped current officials were working quickly and effectively enough to overcome any further escalation on China’s part.

China threatened retaliation once more on January 11, saying it would target anyone attempting to back the island nation of Taiwan’s claim to sovereignty. A spokesperson for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) warned it would take back the territory by force if it had no other choice. USNI News reported China continues working feverishly to add new missile silos to its western regions — increasing them by the hundreds. It’s also fitting bombers and submarines with technology that will improve its military’s ability to carry out long-range strikes.

US officials continue preparing in response to China’s threats, working with the Japanese military and rallying other allies in Asia to join in the effort. Leaders in the Philippines have agreed to let the US military stage weapons and supplies at numerous locations to help improve America’s presence in the region. The timing and positioning of these resources will ensure advanced strategic preparation for the United States and its allies in preparation for what might come and send a critical message to Beijing that the opposition isn’t backing down.

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