Pope Francis Says Social Media Can Be Alienating Young Folks

People Can Be Alienated By Social Media

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Pope Francis has spoken out about social media and has brought up the fact that many people are consuming content every single day. He stated that spending hours on devices is bad not only for people’s physical health but their mental health as well.

In a recent interview, a news anchor asked Pope Francis, “What is social media doing to the world and our children?” Francis responded by saying that there are a few benefits to social media like communication because they “have a conscience” that knows how to report the news and how to deal with criticism.

He continued to speak on the negatives that come with this as well. “There are communication media that alienate young people, don’t they? It makes them live in an unreal world, made up of fantasy, or in an aggressive world or a rosy world … and so many things,” he said.

He continued to say that social media has a “serious responsibility” as an information source for people online, so “A media outlet that only lives off propaganda, off gossip, off soiling others, is a dirty media outlet, and that soils the minds of the young and of the old as well.”

Social media was one topic that the Pope discussed in his hour-long interview with a spokesperson. The interview will be available on Paramount+ where he will discuss more topics in depth for people to tune in and watch. “You see a part of the pope that I think probably you haven’t seen anywhere else,” spokesperson O’Donnell said.

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