Powell’s Attorney Accuses State of BURYING Evidence

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The defense attorney for Sidney Powell accused county prosecutors on September 14 of breaking the law. Attorney Brian Rafferty made the remarks about the Fulton County, Georgia, RICO case related to the alleged attempts to overturn the last presidential election’s results in the state. Rafferty claimed that these prosecutors withheld evidence that could support Powell’s innocence.

According to a CNN report, the Superior Court Judge of Fulton County, Scott McAfee, also made a key ruling in this case. McAfee severed Powell’s and attorney Kenneth Chesebro’s cases from those of former US President Donald Trump, along with the 16 other defendants. The liberal network noted that both Chesebro and Powell sought a speedy trial, while the former commander-in-chief and the other defendants are trying to get the case slowed down so they can prepare their defenses.

Powell’s defense attorney Rafferty said that Fulton County’s prosecutors have a “due process obligation” to provide favorable information, citing the 1963 US Supreme Court’s ruling in Brady v. Maryland. The issue centers on whether the former Trump campaign attorney committed an illegal act by breaching voting machines that were used in Georgia’s Coffee County while looking for evidence that these were manipulated during the election. Powell’s lawyer repeatedly claimed that his client was invited by officials from Coffee County to freely examine these voting machines.

In the court ruling, Rafferty noted that the “most important” detail he found was a report by CNN that revealed a “letter of invitation” sent to Powell on January 1, 2021. The defense attorney also said that this letter was sent not only to his client but also to “another lawyer” to come to Coffee County and do whatever they needed to.

Rafferty then said he has reasons to believe prosecutors have key documents pertaining to the case but refuse to provide them, even when he has sent numerous emails and messages. The defense attorney described these documents as “exculpatory information” that shows Powell shouldn’t “be in this case.”

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