Prediction: Facebook Flops in 2022

Prediction: Facebook Flops in 2022

( – With 2021 finally behind us, many people look forward to the new year. With the wonder of what 2022 will bring also comes resolutions and predictions. One particular prediction may be surprising or even downright deserving.

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard student, launched his social platform, Facebook. By the end of that year, he had over a million users, spread across various college campuses, and left Harvard to run his sensational social network in California, eventually expanding his horizons to cover the globe. By 2012 Facebook had become so popular that 94% of adolescents had a user account.

Present-day, Facebook has changed its name to Meta and tried launching Metaverse, a new product aimed at the younger generation. Meanwhile, Saxo Bank said the number of connected teens dropped to a whopping 27%. Furthermore, the company predicted that number might plummet even further or for Facebook to simply flop altogether in the coming year.

According to Saxo Bank, projections show today’s youth have become quite dismayed with tactics currently allowed on Facebook and are grazing better pastures. Saxo compared them to cigarette companies. At one point, there was only one brand, then came more until the playing field was saturated, everyone vying for that number one spot. In a similar scenario, Facebook was the top dog; now, not so much.

With many youngsters viewing Facebook as a platform for fake news, misinformation, and a strong desire to surveil users, it’s simple to see why they are dodging Metaverse and moving on to better things.

Could Saxo be correct? Have today’s teens decided they want better privacy practices and less selling of their personal data? Only time will tell if Facebook flops in 2022.

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