President Biden Publicly Criticizes Netanyahu Over Judicial Reforms in Israel

( – President Joe Biden told reporters after a Tuesday speech in North Carolina that he hopes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t pursue his plans to reform the Jewish nation’s judiciary, which has raised concerns among numerous US officials and even sparked work stoppages and massive protests in Israel.

After his speech, President Biden told reporters he feels “very concerned” about the situation in Israel, claiming that the government “cannot continue down this road.” He also said that while he hopes Netanyahu will do the right thing in this situation, “that remains to be seen.” Finally, the US commander-in-chief said that his administration won’t be inviting the Israeli Prime Minister to visit the White House shortly.

This is the second time President Biden comments on the current political crisis in Israel, as he recently said that the Jewish nation was currently facing a delicate situation, and that he hoped Netanyahu stopped with his judicial reform bill.

Following the massive protests and the resignation of Israel’s consul general in New York, the Prime Minister announced his government would delay these reforms for a month until the next parliamentary session takes place. Despite these comments, critics say Netanyahu is only buying time to hope for the protests to stop, and restart with his plans of overruling the Israeli Supreme Court and giving the country’s executive branch enough power to appoint justices.

Over the last few weeks, the White House has been expressing its concerns about Netanyahu’s plans, to the point where President Biden called Netanyahu earlier this month to express his disagreement with the judicial reforms.

Despite this situation, US officials have been careful to criticize Netanyahu and get too involved in this matter, considering that Israel has always been one of the most important US allies in the geopolitical sphere. In fact, White House National Security spokesperson John Kirby told reporters during a Monday press conference that the Biden administration’s concerns about the current situation in Israel “comes from a place of respect.”

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