President Biden’s Pick To Run FCC Withdraws Nomination

( – Attorney Gigi Sohn, who was President Joe Biden’s pick to run the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), announced on Tuesday morning she was withdrawing her nomination. “It is a sad day for our country and our democracy,” Sohn told The Washington Post, adding that cable and media companies, in collusion with US Senators, are reaching a concerning point where they can now choose their own regulators.

The announcement was made official after Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin decided to go against Sohn’s nomination to the US independent agency. “The FCC must remain above the toxic partisanship,” Manchin said, adding that the president’s pick wasn’t the right one. He also said that it was impossible for him to support Sohn, and publicly asked President Biden to choose a nominee who can unite Americans instead of exacerbating division and polarization.

Sohn’s previous social media posts and stances on some delicate topics stirred controversy among Senators, who never showed unanimous support for her nomination as the head of the FCC. During the Obama administration, she played a major role in creating net neutrality, which became a crucial aspect of the left-wing telecommunications policy that the Trump administration eventually replaced with a free-market-oriented leadership.

Over the last few months, numerous republicans have expressed concerns about her potential conflicts of interest because of her period as a director of Locast. After all, the streaming platform had to be shut down, following a federal judge rule in 2021 that claimed it was infringing upon copyright laws.

Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz celebrated her withdrawal, claiming this was a victory for those who believe the FCC should be run by an impartial and fair candidate. “The FCC is not the place for partisan activists; free speech is too important,” Cruz said.

On the other hand, the White House lamented Sohn’s withdrawal, pointing out that she would have brought experience and intellect to the position, being the reason why President Biden picked her as his nominee.

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