Prince Andrew Can’t Run Away From This Lawsuit Try as He May

Prince Andrew Can't Run Away From This Lawsuit Try as He May

( – With the Ghislaine Maxwell case finally coming to an end and the court finding her guilty of sex trafficking and conspiracy, the public’s attention now turns to another high-profile case. A woman filed a lawsuit against the second son of Queen Elizabeth II in August 2019. The Duke of York has since thrown everything he could at the case to get the court to dismiss it, but the suit doesn’t seem to be going away.

The woman, Virginia Giuffre, alleges that when she was 17 and Epstein was abusing her, the financier forced her to have sexual relations with Prince Andrew. Of course, the royal is attempting to cover up the lawsuit and knock down her claims. However, court proceedings haven’t gone in Andrew’s favor.

A Judge Lewis Kaplan ruling on December 31 blew up the prince’s defense by asserting that Andrew’s attorney, Andrew Brettler, couldn’t stop the lawsuit from proceeding, ordering that they provide the requested documents by the deadline Giuffre’s lawsuit set. Andrew has argued that a 2009 agreement between his alleged victim and Epstein protects him from Giuffre’s claims; those documents were made public on Jan 3, 2022.

The Duke of York and his legal team have fought tooth and nail to have the court throw the lawsuit out but to no avail. The latest attempt pointed out that Giuffre lives in Australia and isn’t a resident of the United States despite her still claiming citizenship.

For someone who claims to be not guilty, Andrew sure is trying his best to get the lawsuit thrown out. Wouldn’t it be easier to proceed with hearings if one wasn’t guilty? Of course, he is innocent until proven otherwise, but you can’t stop the truth. Will Giuffre win the case and expose the prince, or will the court find the Duke of York not guilty?

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