Prince Andrew Just Bought Off Epstein Accuser, Evidence Shows

Prince Andrew Just Bought Off Epstein Accuser, Evidence Shows

( – Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit against Britain’s Prince Andrew may finally be coming to an end. According to documents viewed by numerous news outlets, the pair recently agreed to settle the case out of court. The only cost? An undisclosed amount of money.

Prince Andrew and Giuffre- who says disgraced financier Jeffery Epstein forced her to have sex with the royal- reached an official agreement on February 15. As a result, both the defendant and plaintiff must file stipulations to dismiss the case.

Though the official settlement amount has yet to go public, an unidentified source who spoke to the New York Post placed it at $12 million.

In an unsigned letter, the Duke of York admitted that Giuffre was a victim of sexual abuse, acknowledging how Epstein harmed a number of young girls. However, he continued to assert that he did nothing wrong.

Prince Andrew also commended Giuffre and other victims for standing up and speaking out against the abuse. He then declared he felt regret over his connection to Epstein.

Former New York federal prosecutor Sarah Krissoff believes Andrew’s decision to settle makes sense. While speaking to the New York Post, she indicated that it would grant both sides a form of closure in the matter. It will also prevent additional details from reaching the public, which could have been far more damaging to Andrew’s reputation.

Krissoff mentioned that the settlement keeps the prince and those close to him from being deposed. It will also prevent Andrew’s legal team from having to hand extensive documentation over to Giuffre’s legal team.

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