Pro-Gun Group Sues State Over “Ghost Gun” Law

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( – A Colorado gun group is suing the state over a recent law put into place regarding “ghost guns.” This law was to ban the possession, transport, purchase, and ownership of gun frames and receivers that do not have serial numbers on them.

They stated that anyone who had a ghost gun must go get them stamped with a serial number at a licensed gun store or dealership, and also have a background check run before getting the gun back stamped.

The Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, a non-profit gun rights and pro-gun group, is filing the lawsuit because they say that this new law, established Monday, is against the Second Amendment.

Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, Taylor Rhodes, spoke out about their thoughts on the new law. “We believe that this law, like others that attempt to restrict gun rights, will not stand up under scrutiny, especially in light of the recent Supreme Court decision in Bruen,” she said.

In the Bruen case, a law that forced people to get a license to conceal carry in public, was overturned because it was deemed “unconstitutional” and against Second Amendment rights.

It was said after this that any law that went against the right to bear arms was still in line with what is understood in the Second Amendment.

The gun group claims that this could cause a snowball effect across the United States where many different areas implement laws similar to this one. They push forward and continue to fight this battle while standing for the Coloradans, saying that these laws are not supported by the Second Amendment.

“We’re committed to ensuring Coloradans can exercise their Second Amendment rights without undue governmental intrusion. This lawsuit is yet another testament to that commitment,” they said.

Authorities state that these ghost guns could be a gateway to violence. According to the authorities, two recent gunmen had ghost guns before the shootings and violence, prompting them to decide on this law quickly.

Despite all of this, President Biden signed a Federal gun bill last year that manufacturers had to start putting serial numbers on all of these products.

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