Pro-Life Facility Firebombed in Buffalo, New York

Pro-Life Facility Firebombed in Buffalo, New York

Radical Liberals Launch TERRORIST Attack

( – Ever since someone leaked the draft opinion regarding Roe v. Wade from the US Supreme Court, tensions surrounding the issue of abortion have been high across the nation. On June 7, firefighters in Buffalo, New York, responded to a call at a pro-life pregnancy center that the organization claims was attacked by pro-abortion activists. The health center, CompassCare, said the facility was “firebombed,” and authorities are treating the incident as arson.

Luckily, only two firefighters suffered minor injuries while putting out the flames. The pregnancy center stated some windows inside the facility were broken, and the blaze started from inside. Not only that, but the organization reported the perpetrators spray-painted “Jane Was Here” on the wall, referencing a radical pro-abortion group called Jane’s Revenge.

At the beginning of May, the group took responsibility for a similar incident involving a Molotov cocktail at a pro-life clinic in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Buffalo center stated pro-life facilities have been targeted by extremists for months, and that’s not likely to end anytime soon. With a SCOTUS decision expected this month on the issue of abortion, radical groups like Jane’s Revenge may continue to follow through on using “militant action” to push their views.

The investigation into the New York fire is still ongoing.

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