Pro-Russia Disinformation Campaign Found on X

( – Forensic experts in Germany have discovered a pro-Russia campaign on X that consisted of tens of thousands of fake profiles. Germany has been the victim of misinformation and false profiles in previous years as well, making this a concern for Germany.

The German foreign ministry stated that they found this when looking into potential bots that were targeting them. They found, instead, thousands of profiles spreading disinformation. They immediately sounded the alarm on this disinformation being spread across social media.

They used a special monitoring software that allowed them to scan for and find these accounts. Reports showed that they discovered a long list of posts since December 10 and 1 million posts in German from over 50,000 fake accounts.

It’s said that the posts were mainly accusing the government of Olaf Scholz of not meeting the needs of Germans because of their support for Ukraine. They claimed that helping Ukraine with aid, and weapons, and taking in refugees had stunted their support for the German people.

The posts were said to have been sent all within seconds, and they all had similar comments underneath, similar hashtags that were popular, and they used tactics to reach as wide of an audience as they possibly could. They also found that the posts were less on weekends and holidays, indicating that whoever was posting these, was taking regular breaks.

The accounts used to post this disinformation looked reputable or they would take on the name of reputable individuals. They’re typically linked to popular media sites with a shortened URL to mask the fake domain names.

Analysts did say that they feel the origin of the posts and the campaign came from Russia. They also hinted at it being a similar situation as a fake campaign back in 2022 that had effects on the UK, France, and Italy, and consisted of fake news from the Guardian.

There is huge concern from Germany on how this may affect things like upcoming elections as this isn’t the first time that they’ve been targeted by misinformation.

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