Prosecutors Fall Short at Oath Keeper’s Trial

( – An Indianapolis man on trial related to Jan 6 and acquitted of conspiracy charges was just sentenced to two years probation

Michael Greene, who was hired by the rightwing political group Oath Keepers as their security operations leader, was convicted of one charge of misdemeanor trespassing after his trial in March.

In a rare blow to Jan. 6 prosecutors, Greene was cleared of much more severe charges of conspiracy when he managed to convince the jurors from the witness stand that he wasn’t a member of Oath Keepers and never encouraged anyone to go into the Capitol building.

Federal prosecutors wanted to lock Greene up for a year, but the judge sided with the defense’s argument for probation instead.

U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta noted that the defendant never entered the Capitol building and there was little to no communication in the Oath Keeper’s group chats. Mehta also said the court doesn’t “have a great deal of insight” into Greene’s political views nor what he actually thought of the outcome of the 2020 election.

Greene was described by prosecutors as a “trusted top lieutenant” of Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers. Rhodes was sentenced to 18 years behind bars in May on a conviction of seditious conspiracy.

Greene claims he never joined the rightwing group and only worked for them as a contractor to provide security. Greene said he’s “happy to be done with it” after his sentencing, although he’s considering an appeal to the conviction in order to clear his record.

Five other associates of the Oath Keepers were on trial alongside Greene, and were convicted of conspiracy charges for attempting to interfere with the peaceful transfer of power.

This case is one among many recent developments in litigation related to Jan. 6. The notorious Q-Anon Shaman announced he wants to retract his guilty plea, and Ray Epps is now suing Fox News Network and Tucker Carlson for defamation portraying him as an undercover FBI agent.

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