Puerto Rico Governor Pushes for Statehood

Puerto Rico Governor Pushes for Statehood

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Citizens of Puerto Rico have repeatedly pushed for statehood over the years, and the support of a bill within the US territory is growing. Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi believes it could become a reality this year.

On Sunday, February 14, in an interview with Axios airing on HBO, Pierluisi said that his territory needs “a game-changer,” such as equal participation in federal programs that states get. He said making Puerto Rico a state would show other countries that the US “is embracing diversity,” and is hopeful the current administration would support the push, as the potential state “would probably lean Democratic.”

Governor Pierluisi made sure his territory’s desires were clear on Twitter:

Pierluisi hopes that US House Representatives will introduce a bill supporting their statehood in March. A 51st state could greatly change the dynamics of our legislative branch. However, whether Biden and the current Congress will support this latest push is yet to be seen.

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