Putin Prefers Biden Over Trump in Election

(AmericanProsperity.com) – With the upcoming November 2024 election quickly approaching, many people have expressed their opinions on the candidates. Recently, Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, mentioned who he’d prefer as President of the United States.

Vladimir Putin did a recent interview where he spoke about the upcoming United States elections. He said, “Biden is more experienced and more predictable. He is an ‘old school’ politician. But we will work with any US leader, elected by the people of America.”

Donald Trump has been under a lot of heat after his comments about NATO and their defense spending goals.

Putin has said that he doesn’t necessarily agree with all of Biden’s practices but that he feels that Biden is the better candidate. He went on to defend some of the controversial moments that Biden has been through as president, saying, “Yes, he was peeking at his notes from time to time, but, frankly speaking, I was peeking at mine as well,” said Putin regarding the concern over Biden’s memory decline.

There is a lot of controversy over Trump, especially his relationship with Russia and Vladimir Putin. In fact, Donald Trump was questioned on his involvement with Russia and the conspiracy around Trump’s election win.

Tensions rise as many are speaking out on Trump and his recent comments about NATO. It seems that experts still find that Trump is in good standing with the upcoming election, but there is no denying that people have their opinions on the former president’s choice of words.

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