Putin Regime Reports Sabotage On Their Own Soil

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The governor of the Russian Belgorod region announced on Monday that a “sabotage” armed group from Ukraine entered Russian territory. In a Telegram statement, Vyacheslav Gladkov explained that this Ukrainian group entered the border district of Graivoron. He also pointed out that Russia’s presidential guards, along with the intelligence agency, army, and border guards are taking measures to repeal the incursion.

This situation represents a significant escalation in the Russian-Ukraine war, two days after the Kremlin claimed it captured the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut. It remains unclear whether this is an operation backed by Ukraine’s government and President Vlodymyr Zelensky.

Experts believe this situation could have two possible outcomes. The first one is that Russia could crush this armed group and have the legal excuse to intensify its attacks against Ukraine. The second is that Russia fails to eliminate the threat, which could exacerbate tensions in the Kremlin and force it to replace President Vladimir Putin. This is exactly what happened with former President Boris Yeltsin in the 1990s.

A couple of hours before the governor’s statement, the Telegram channel Baza published some videos showing the Ukrainian armed forces. In the footage, they were advancing in an armored vehicle at the Braivoron border checkpoint. The video was reproduced by many media outlets in Russia.

Baza, which is linked to Russia’s security forces, said in its Telegram channel there were indications of fighting on the main border road. It also said that water and power had already been cut off in some of the road’s villages.

According to Ukraine’s military intelligence, these armed forces are a coalition of the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Liberty of Russia Legion. Both of them are formed exclusively by anti-Putin Russian citizens.

On its Twitter account, Liberty of Russia Legion claimed to be the mastermind behind these attacks on Russian soil. It also said it had already “liberated” the Kozinka border town.

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