Putin Threatens to Cut Off Vital Exports

Putin Threatens to Cut Off Vital Exports

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Deputy Secretary Dimitry Medvedev of the Russian security council let the world know that his country will do everything in its power to cut off exports vital to the global food supply. In a post on Telegram, Medvedev counted Russia’s grain supply among its weapons. “Quiet but ominous,” his comment said, according to a translation published by Breitbart.

Medvedev, who served as Russia’s president before Putin, says his country needs to consider its priorities domestically and will no longer sell grain or other food exports to unfriendly countries. Russia’s current list of “enemies,” or countries that don’t believe the invasion of Ukraine is valid or justified, is vast and includes the United States and the entirety of the European Union.

Medvedev says Russia will do business with its economic allies using either the ruble or the currency of the country in question. Presumably, the list of currencies doesn’t include dollars or Euros, which may prove problematic.

Russia is a major supplier of wheat to the Middle East and Africa, with its biggest competition coming from Ukraine and the rest of Europe. With the war disrupting production on a major scale, the region finds itself bracing for possible shortages even before the Russian ban on exports to pro-Ukrainian nations.

Russian exports may not affect US supply chains directly, but any global disruption in the status quo could be costly. With inflation already a huge issue, Russia’s move may prove to be more than symbolic.

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