Putin’s Popularity Skyrocketing After Invasion

Putin's Popularity Skyrocketing After Invasion

(AmericanProsperity.com) – An independent Russian pollster reports that despite the international repercussions of the war in Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin is more popular than ever. The polling company, Levada, says that since the invasion began, Putin has made gains in popularity, while the European Union and the United States continue to fall from favor.

Putin was already popular in his country. The same polling company found that in January, the long-time leader had a 69% approval rating. It jumped to 71% in February, and spiked all the way to 83% in March. The invasion of Ukraine began on February 24.

Approval of the Russian government has also taken off, skyrocketing from paltry numbers near 50% for most of 2020 and 2021 to 70% in March. However, the Washington Post reports that there are many people fleeing the country or living in fear of arrest for their involvement in early anti-war protests. Young people especially are leaving the country in droves, as base incomes have dropped and the future of the country’s economy looks dismal.

Do the exodus and fear have anything to do with the results of polling? Could it be that typical Russians are so afraid of their own government, they’ll lie on a poll and praise its leader? Answers to those questions would be speculation, but there have already been instances of people disappearing and being charged with crimes for voicing their opinions.

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