Random People Keep Appearing On Government Zoom Calls

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Iowans are trolling public government Zoom calls, according to The Daily Caller. Lawmakers have reportedly tried to make sub-committee meetings more accessible to Iowans who want to watch and participate but cannot travel to the Des Moines state capitol to do so, according to KCCI. As a result of the gesture, the meetings have been trolled in different ways. 

In one recent incident, an individual joined the call and began waving a swastika and the meeting was immediately ended. But others have also behaved rudely in the past, with one individual shouting racial slurs and some appearing naked. Lawmakers have reportedly said that the interruptions are common but called the behavior “disgusting.” 

Chair of the workforce committee, Sen. Adrian Dickey, said that these incidents have resulted in limiting these meetings in the future, calling it “unfortunate” that they continue to occur. 

While the Zoom calls have been a positive tool to use since 2020, the state legislature is reportedly figuring out a way to lessen these incidents by vetting those joining the call, according to a spokesperson with the Iowa Senate Republicans. But if nothing can be done then the meetings are presumed to end altogether. 

One Iowan said that the Zoom meetings have been “more effective than a conference call,” citing greater organization and filtering input. Another resident suggested filtering through “undesirables” that want to access the video call. 

“Maybe put some flags on it. There are some undesirables that might want to get in, some people that might want to make trouble,” he said. 

A third resident offered her comments on the situation. 

“If people are concerned about laws, they need to just come down to the courthouse, not come through Zoom. I’m very surprised to hear that that was even an option,” she said.  

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