Real Life Home Alone — Parents Leave 11-Year-Old for Weeks

Real Life Home Alone — Parents Leave 11-Year-Old for Weeks

( – “Home Alone” has become a classic movie for many families, but it’s fiction. Leaving a child home alone is dangerous, yet some people still try to get away with it.

In Cochise County, AZ, authorities responded to a welfare check call on December 12 regarding an 11-year-old boy the caller believed to be home alone. Deputies from the Cochise Sheriff’s Department arrived to find the boy by himself, later discovering he’d been without any adult supervision since just after Thanksgiving.

Thankfully, the young boy told authorities that he had frozen food he could eat. The child added that he hadn’t attended school for the past two weeks. Officers attempted to reach the parents but were unsuccessful, and Child Protective Services took custody of the boy.

Authorities arrested the parents upon their return from an undisclosed location on December 29. The 34-year-old mother, Melissa Green, and the father, 40-year-old Bobby Jo Green, are facing charges of child abuse, neglect, and contributing to the dependency or delinquency of a child. At this time, the parents have no known legal representation. Why would they leave such a young child home alone? Perhaps they watched the classic movie one too many times and believed he would be fine.

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