Redacted: Why Did Mainstream Media Bury This Story?

NBC Offers No Explanation For Retracted Paul Pelosi Coverage

NBC Offers No Explanation For Retracted Paul Pelosi Coverage

( – Rumors and speculations have surrounded the attack on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, which occurred at the couple’s home on October 28. A story from NBC’s “Today” sparked many of the conspiracy theories about David DePape’s alleged assault on Paul Pelosi. The network has since removed the story but hasn’t offered a real explanation as to why.

NBC’s Miguel Almaguer originally reported that officers with the San Francisco Police Department were unaware they were responding to a call at the Speaker’s home. The correspondent noted that after police knocked on the door, Mr. Pelsoi answered the door. Almaguer declared the 82-year-old didn’t indicate there was an emergency and actually walked back into the house toward the 42-year-old DePape. The reporter had quoted an unnamed source in his report.

In a rare move for a major network, NBC removed the story from its website, leaving an editor’s note indicating the organization pulled the story because it didn’t meet the NBC News’ standards for reporting. According to the Washington Post, an anonymous source claimed NBC cut the content because Almaguer’s source of information was unreliable.

NBC’s decision to remove the story only sparked further theories about the incident. The network’s choice not to explain its actions has become a focal point of speculation. No one has indicated whether the network will punish Almaguer for the false story.

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