Removal of Statue Temporarily Blocked

Removal of Statue Temporarily Blocked

( – On June 4, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced he would remove the Robert E. Lee Statue from Monument Avenue in the State Capital. However, Judge Bradley B. Cavedo of the Richmond Circuit Court stopped the plan in its tracks with a 10-day injunction issued Monday, June 8.

The injunction bases its claims on a lawsuit filed by William C. Gregory, whose family originally owned the land the statue sits upon before transferring ownership to the state of Virginia. In the deed transfer, Gregory’s Lawyer, Joseph E. Blackburn Jr., claims that Virginia promised to keep the statue when it accepted the land in 1890.

Governor Northam called for the removal of the statue after 2017’s deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville. It was only after the recent riots in Richmond that he put his words into action. However, with this new injunction, it’s yet to be determined what will happen to this piece of history.

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