Renewed Faith Hits America

Renewed Faith Hits America

( – For some Americans, COVID-19 has brought them to their knees in prayer. According to a new study by Pew Research, nearly a quarter of Americans (24%) say their faith is stronger because of the pandemic. That’s despite many churches, synagogues, and mosques closing their doors to protect vulnerable congregants from contracting the virus. Many religious organizations have moved their worship services online and encourage digital forms of communication among their members.

Those who attend black Protestant churches and those who identify as very religious were most likely to say their faith strengthened. The majority of respondents (47%) said their faith hadn’t changed much, while 26% said they were not religious and therefore, it didn’t affect them at all. Another 2% said their faith has become weaker.

In March, internet searches spiked for “prayer” and “God.” It was the highest level in 10 years as Americans coped with job losses and financial struggles. It remains to be seen if the pandemic will result in higher attendance at religious services when the crisis ends.

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