Renowned Spy Found Dead In His Cell

( – Famous American spy Robert Hanssen was found dead on Monday in his prison cell, raising suspicion among many social media users. He was an FBI agent that was eventually considered a traitor as he spied not only for the former Soviet Union but also for Russia. Different analysis has described what Hanssen did as the most damaging intelligence disaster in the history of the United States.

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons director of communications Kristie Breshears, his body was found at the federal correctional complex in Florence, Colorado. In a press release, said authorities declared him dead after doctors performed different life-saving measures.

Hanssen, who was 79 years old, had been in custody at this prison complex for 21 years. He was sentenced to life in prison in 2001 without parole, after pleading guilty to 15 different counts of espionage. The former FBI agent became an inspiration for different writers in the country including David Wise, who wrote a book about him. He was even the main subject of a made-for-television movie that was written by Norman Mailer, with actor William Hurt as Hanssen.

On its site, the FBI describes it as the most “damaging spy” that ever worked with the Bureau. It also points out Hanssen worked with the Russians under an alias, selling classified and top-secret national security material to the KGB. The FBI detailed that Hanssen sold this information for nearly $2 million in cash, diamonds, and bank funds. Moreover, different reports have said that Russian spies and intelligence agencies never knew his name, as he usually used the alias “Ramon” or even “Ramon Garcia.

In her statement, Breshears said that no inmates or staff were injured, but failed to provide any information about Hanssen’s cause of death. Along with how he was found, this detail was discussed on social media, with many users spreading conspiracy theories about Hanssen’s death.

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